How to share my Apple iPhone 8 Plus Internet connection

Dec 29, 2019 · Finally, I figured out a way to make iPhone connect to the Internet through the iPhone’s USB cable to the PC Internet connection. iPhone <--USB--> PC <----> Internet How to share the Internet of PC to iPhone through USB Cable. The method here is tested on iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.3 and Windows 7 / Windows XP. Jul 29, 2016 · You’re ready to surf the Internet, check e-mail, chat, and so on. On a Mac. On a Mac, open head to System Preferences > Bluetooth, find your iPhone in the list, and click “Pair” next to your iPhone. You’ll be shown a pair code on your Mac’s screen and on your iPhone. If the codes match, tap the “Pair” button to confirm the connection. Jul 02, 2017 · Share internet from Phone to PC/laptop via CABLE - enable Data (mobile provider's internet) - connect PC/laptop to smartphone via USB cable - on the phone go to Settings, Tethering, enable "USB

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Die Internetverbindung deines iPhones für … 2020-7-17 · Du kannst die meisten iPhones in tragbare Hotspots umwandeln, die deine mobilen Daten verwenden, um die Internetverbindung deines iPhones mit anderen Geräten zu teilen. Dadurch kannst du dich auf deinem PC mit dem Internet verbinden, indem du über dein iPhone gehst.

Share files between PC and iPhone via Windows File Sharing

By these following methods you can share your PC's internet with your Android phone. Advertisement Most Android smartphone users depend on traditional methods, using a SIM card or via WiFi, for