Amazon’s LoveFilm Instant App lands on LG Smart TVs So far there are more than 250 apps, and an almost unlimited amount of content available on demand to owners of LG Smart TVs. Now for the very first time LG TV users will be able to enjoy a subscription-based television and movie streaming application, following the addition of the LoveFilm

Netflix vs Lovefilm: Which movie streaming service is best Lovefilm has deals with Samsung, Sony and LG, so the service is available on most of the latest smart TVs and Internet-connected Blu-ray players from those brands. You can also access it via the AMAZON S LOVEFiLM INTRODUCES HD TO SONY BRAVIA : … The LOVEFiLM app first launched on BRAVIA TVs from Sony in the UK in March 2010 and in Germany in June 2011. LOVEFiLM Instant is now available on a complete range of living room devices including Amazon's Kindle Fire and Fire HD, iPad, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U, plus a growing number of Blu-ray Players and Internet-connected TVs. Lovefilm hits LG Smart TV, fights back against Netflix Jan 19, 2012 Lovefilm and Netflix? - Page 10 — YouView Community

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Jun 23, 2020 Lovefilm and Netflix? — YouView Community Sep 23, 2012 Lovefilm Instant review | T3 Lovefilm first launched its online streaming service three years ago and continues to add new platforms with the iPad and the Xbox 360 the latest additions alongside smart TVs, Mac, PC and the LOVEFiLM app for Samsung TVs - Advanced Television Sep 16, 2013