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Apr 26, 2017 · He said the 2015 rules were unnecessary and have hurt broadband investment, a point contested by activists and companies that support net neutrality. [READ MORE: FCC may scale back net neutrality] The public-comment process leading up to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's December 2017 repeal of net neutrality rules attracted more than 22 million comments, but millions were made using stolen identities. For example, during an FCC hearing on overturning the net neutrality rules in 2017, Republican commissioner Michael O'Rielly fretted that entertainment content could overwhelm networks, to the The ruling is largely a victory for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Trump administration appointee, who championed a repeal of the Obama-era rules. The 2015 net neutrality rules had barred internet May 24, 2017 · In light of the continued uproar over Congress’ repeal of the FCC’s 2016 broadband privacy rules, enormous public opposition to repeal of the net neutrality rules should give policymakers

The 3-2 vote on Feb. 26 was along party lines, with both Republican commissioners voting against the new rule, known as "net neutrality," which prevents ISPs from slowing down content streaming

Restoring Internet Freedom | Federal Communications Commission The FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which took effect on June 11, 2018, provides a framework for protecting an open Internet while paving the way for better, faster and cheaper Internet access for consumers. It replaces unnecessary, heavy-handed regulations that were developed way back in 1934 with strong consumer protections, increased transparency, and common-sense rules that will Biden FCC Would Restore Net Neutrality Rules - Multichannel Jul 10, 2020

Saying the Federal Communications Commission must be a "smart cop on the beat preserving a free and open Internet," chairman Julius Genachowski Monday proposed

Dec 12, 2017