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A magnet link is a type of hyperlink that enables the downloading of files and data from P2P sharing networks, particularly torrent networks. It works in a server-less environment and contains all the information a torrent client requires to download a specific file. The magnet link was designed to replace and upgrade torrent file specifications. How to configure Magnet Links to use uTorrent - General Oct 22, 2013 How do you set your Default Bittorrent Application? - Ask Within Ubuntu 18.xx, if you want to set e.g. Transmission to open magnet links by default, you can go with this within terminal: gio mime x-scheme-handler/magnet transmission-gtk.desktop Next time you'll be opening magnet links in any browser, set the browser to remember the action for xdg-open and transmission will open automatically.

Magnet Links is a technology which is going to be used extensively in the future, some sites now provide Magnet Link alongside .torrent file. The .torrent file identifies a file by location or name, the Magnet Link on the other hand identifies a file by the content; in layman’s term, by the content’s hast value.

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A magnet link does away with the middleman. A magnet link is essentially a hyperlink containing the hash code for that torrent, which your torrent client can immediately use to start finding