As per the description, you are getting unidentified network and there is no internet access. It must be difficult when things do not work as expected. Please answer few questions to narrow down the issue. 1. Have you made any changes to the computer prior to the issue? 2. Which is the type of internet connection that you are using? 3.

Fix: Ethernet Unidentified Network on Windows 10 - Appuals Running the Network Troubleshooter. When trying to resolve a network issue, we always … How to Fix Unidentified Network Error in Windows 10 Restart Modem and Router. This is another troubleshooting method which appears simple but has the potential to Fix Network Connectivity issues. Make sure that you follow the steps below to Power Flush your Modem and Router, before trying other methods. Windows 7 :: No Internet Access Unidentified Network

Jan 21, 2012

Aug 10, 2015

Dec 29, 2009

My Wireless = Unidentified network. Only on windows 7