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networking - Why is Android refusing to resolve DNS I have a very strange behavior on an Android device (Nexus 7) when trying to access local network applications. Instead of getting the actual IP of the machine on LAN, the Android device gets the public IP, which means that Chrome, Firefox or any other browser simply shows the web page of the router.. I have an internal DNS server which handles the local networks. Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS | Firefox Help In the General panel, scroll down to Network Settings and click the Settings… button. In the dialog box that opens, scroll down to Enable DNS over HTTPS. On: Select the Enable DNS over HTTPS checkbox. Select a provider or set up a custom provider. Off: Deselect the Enable DNS over HTTPS checkbox. Click OK to save your changes and close the Build your own DNS name server on Linux |

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Firefox DNS-over-HTTPS | Firefox Help

So far I've learned of 3 ways to configure the DD-WRT, so that it will perform DNS for your local network. I don't claim to know which way is preferred by the developer(s) of the DD-WRT. Warning : Whatever method you use, you might not "see" the expected results on your computer until you reboot the computer or restart the network interfaces.

DNS | Microsoft Azure Rely on the Microsoft global network of DNS servers. The Microsoft global network of name servers has the scale and redundancy to give you ultra-high availability for your domains. With Azure DNS, you can be confident that your DNS will always be available. network manager - Local DNS server - Ask Ubuntu Dnsmasq accepts DNS queries and either answers them from a small, local, cache or forwards them to a real, recursive, DNS server. It loads the contents of /etc/hosts so that local hostnames which do not appear in the global DNS can be resolved and also answers DNS queries for DHCP configured hosts. Installing dnsmasq is just a case of using apt Adguard Home for local DNS : Adguard i.e. if all my local devices use Adguard Home as DNS, can I configure Adgaurd Home to forward requests for my.local.server to that server's static IP (eg 10 comments share