Feb 13, 2017 How do I get my Apple TV IP address? | The iPhone FAQ Once the Apple TV is connected to a local network, apps and games can access data and stream content to the connected display. For those looking to troubleshoot or who need to find out the IP address currently assigned to their Apple TV running tvOS, follow these steps: How can I find the MAC address on my Apple TV? | ITS Go to the main menu on your Apple TV device, and select Settings; Select About from the menu for the network information.; Here you can find your MAC Address, listed as either the Wireless or Ethernet (depending on the connection you are using) A Guide to Finding Your IP Address on Windows & Mac | AVG

How to find my computer's Private IP address?

Mar 26, 2020 How to Find Your IP Address in Windows or MacOS | Digital

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) - Finding your IP Address

The easiest way to get your IP address is to launch Safari on your iOS device and google "What is my ip". Google will provide this information at the top of the search results. This method is far easier and faster than poking through the depths of the Settings app. The only issue is, that when you manually enter an IP into your Fire TV’s settings, it needs to be an IP that your router is allowed to assign. If you manually enter “” in the Fire TV’s IP settings as its IP address, your router is going to reject it when the Fire TV tells the router “I want the IP”