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Set hosted network in Windows with a script (PowerShell)

Dec 04, 2009

MS-DOS and Windows command line netsh command

Configuring network settings from command line using netsh Netsh is a command-line scripting utility that allows you to, either locally or remotely, display or modify the network configuration of a computer that is currently running. Netsh also provides a scripting feature that allows you to run a group of commands in batch mode against a specified computer. Netsh can also save a configuration script in a text file for archival purposes or to help you Replacing Netsh with These PowerShell Cmdlets - Next of Netsh is a command-line and scripting utility in Windows for network components. It’s a useful tool for network administrators to configure and monitor Windows systems through a command prompt console. But it’s ok if you are not familiar with this command because now you can switch your focus to PowerShell to use it to accomplish many things that Netsh does in the past. How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10 Aug 18, 2015