Jan 03, 2018 · Apple rolled out a simple but an excellent feature on iOS11, iPhone WiFi Sharing without typing the password. The feature allows iPhone owner to share WiFi Network or Hotspot Connection without revealing the real password. The beauty of this option is you can let your friends use your WiFi even you don’t remember WiFi password.

You can solve this problem in seconds with an iPhone. Your iPhone can use its cellular data connection to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that your Mac (or iPad) can connect to. Apple calls this handy feature Personal Hotspot, and it is commonly called tethering. How To Use Hotspot iPhone X - You can use Instant Hotspot on iPhone X to provide Internet access with hotspot iOS 11 to your other iOS devices (iOS 10 or later) and Mac computers (OS X 10.10 or later) where you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID. Dec 11, 2015 · With Personal Hotspot, you can connect other devices to the internet via your iPhone's cellular data by way of either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. Follow Gadget Hacks on: Facebook: https://www Jul 26, 2013 · In previous versions of iOS, it wasn’t possible to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This can prove to be a big inconvenience, as the case might arise when you have internet connectivity, but other Wi-Fi enabled devices can’t use the net, because of the lack of a Wi-Fi modem. Now you can turn on your personal hotspot. Here you should set your password for the WiFi option. Tap on the password to change it. Tap the toggle to turn the personal hotspot on. Once everything is set, you can now start connecting to your iPhone hotspot. Connect through Wireless Network Connection Mar 06, 2020 · If you plan to use your phone as a mobile hotspot often, then it may be worth investing in an unlimited plan or a mobile hotspot plan. Many of the major cellular providers offer plans that are created specifically for those who use their phone’s mobile hotspot feature often.

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How to Use Your Android Phone As a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

If your device, your carrier, and your data plan allows it, you can turn your mobile phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot to get your laptop online. But just because it’s a hotspot doesn’t mean the

May 30, 2018 Can I use Roku with my iPhone hotspot? - Quora Thanks for the A2A. Although I have never tried it myself, there is no reason for this not to work. All your iPhone will be doing is creating a WiFi network. Your Roku should be able to connect to that with no problem. I do see other problems, how Apple iPhone 8 - Use your phone as a personal hotspot Use your Apple iPhone 8 iOS 11.0 as a personal hotspot Read help info When you use your phone as a personal hotspot, you can share your phone's internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi.